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A collection of people in various settings. I love to shoot music, people in a photo-journalistic style, and portraits. A lot of my work is also at events where I have the honour of shooting group portraits for several clients including the Alberni High School (ADSS), the Chamber of Commerce, and the annual Charity Golf Classic.


The Amazing Alberni Valley



I have been shooting portraits for several years. I focus mainly on natural settings with people in less formal, more relaxed and candid images. View my portraits by selecting the image.

Event Portraits: I photograph several events in Port Alberni. The following are those events where portraits were taken.

Chamber Awards Gala

I have been the official photographer for the annual Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce Excellence Awards Gala since 2016. My primary focus is obtaining portrait style images off the attendees and award winners.. View my Chamber pages by selecting the image.


ADSS Grad Reunion - Class of 1979

I was invited to take photos at the ADSS graduation reunion for the class of 1979. Most of the images are portraits with my evening culminating is a group shot of approx. 150 people standing at the beach.

Candids at the 5 Acre Shaker

I was invited to take candids and behind the scenes of the 5 Acre Shaker Volunteer crew setting up for the music festival in 2017


Sunset Cruise

I have been the official photographer for the annual Sunset Cruise for 2017, 2018, and 2019. This event is hosted by the Young Professionals of the Alberni Valley and is always a sold out event aboard the Francis Barkley.


Charity Golf Tournament

Each year several charitable organizations gather and host the largest one day golf tournament in the Alberni Valley. At this event I take team portraits as part of their fundraising efforts.

ADSS Graduation Ceremony 2019

I became the official ADSS Gradation Ceremony photography for 2019. I am already booked for the 2020 ceremony.

ADSS Scholarships and Bursaries 2019

I was invited to be the official photographer during the 2019 ADSS Graduating Scholarships and Bursaries Awards Evening. I will be returning for the 2020 event.

ADSS Grad Parade

You won't find this spectacle anywhere else! A unique tradition in Port Alberni which allows the graduating class to be shown off in style as they parade through town in antique autos and some other very cool modes of transportation. Destination for this beautiful event is the annual prom.


Photos with Santa

In 2018 I organized a 3 day "Photos with Santa" during the annual Christmas celebrations at McLean Mill National Historic Site. Photos were by a $10.00 donation with the proceeds going to McLean Mill.

Ty Watson Gala (Red Carpet) 

I have taken informal and formal portraits and candids at several Ty Watson events including a Black Ty Gala in 2010, a golf tournament in 2017 and a red carpet at their 2018 gala..



My favourite shooting style is candid portraits. I love the natural look of people as they interact with others. There are two types of portraits I specialize in: First is the candid where the subject is engaged in an activity and may not be aware I am taking their photo. It is the least imposing form of portraiture and can lead to some very dramatic and fun images. The second from the informal portrait where we are all familiar with. A third style I enjoy is the life-style portrait.This is basically following a subject around their environment. Life style portraits are well suited for advertising.has a place in any portrait setting, especially at events. A combination of these many forms of portraitures and candids make for a well rounded collection of images for most events.


Informal Portraits

Events are an ideal location to photograph informal portraits. I shoot at many events each year where informal portraits are a requirement.


Canada Day 2018 Informal Portraits

It was Race the Train on Canada Day 2018 and as the official photographer, it was my job to take a few images at the start of the race, on the train, of the train and the approaching parade, as the runners crossed the finish line, and of the activities which occurred at McLean Mill after the awards were handed out.

Candid Portraits

Musical performance are just one of the numerous events for which I specialize in candid portraits. 

I am a Port Alberni, Vancouver Island based portrait and model photographer   I am available for hire as a photographer or consultant. View my Investment page for details.

Lyndon Cassell Photography is a brand of Azalea Flowers & Gifts in Port Alberni, BC, Canada. Product photography is a vital and key component to the success of our flower business. Our website is continually updated with images we take in our store. Located at 4528 Adelaide St., we have our own portrait studio, complete with photographic printing capabilities. The portrait studio is where we take most of our product images. 


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