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With each passing month this is where I will post a photo of the month. 

October 2018

Momma leads the way: I took this image of a female black bear leading her two cubs along the river's edge, at Victoria Quay in mid October. There are two special reasons for posting this photo. First, I went to the Quay with a wide angle lens to get images of the clouds at sunset. There was no action at the time and I was getting ready to leave when a gentleman pointed out the bears to me. I did hesitate to take photos because of the distance, but I did anyhow. Secondly, it is rare to see a female bear here, let alone one with her cubs, because this area is always hunted by male black bears. This is the Somass River, a world famous tourism destination for black bear sightings. Every fall black bears come to the river to feed on the abundance of salmon before going into hibernation.

November 2018

LEST WE FORGET: I took this image just after the November 11 Remembrance Day ceremonies at a local cemetery. With the sun slowly dipping and the long shadows that were being created, I felt a sense of some communication was taking place. I took many photographs of these beautiful crosses, each image highlighting the shadows. My story telling in these photographs was the communication from another universe, beyond my understanding, yet it was important to capture it and let you feel your own emotions and decide for yourselves what is being communicated.

December 2018

World Juniors: it was an honour and privilege to be asked to photograph two International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHS) World Junior Exhibition games in Port Alberni in late December. Game one saw the Alberni Valley Bulldogs take on Team Kazakhstan while game two featured Team Kazakhstan take on Team Switzerland. I was the only photographer on the ice for the official puck drop for both games. This photo is the puck drop ceremony between Kazakhstand and Switzerland.

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World Jr Hockey Exhibition Ceremonial Faceoff