Lyndon Cassell Photography is a brand of Azalea Flowers & Gifts in Port Alberni, BC, Canada. Product photography is a vital and key component to the success of our flower business. Our website is continually updated with images we take in our store. Located at 4528 Adelaide St., we have our own portrait studio, complete with photographic printing capabilities. The portrait studio is where we take most of our product images. 


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Lyndon Cassell Photography

McLean Mill National Historic Site

The Amazing Alberni Valley

Steam Saw Mill


Events at McLean Mill

Alberni Bowman Archery Club


Beaufort Gang Train Robbery


Cyclo Cross


Jeepers Creepers


Christmas At The Mill

Historic Site Images. View my collection of the McLean National Historic Site here.  These are images of the many buildings, machines, and the landscape of the property.

Lyndon Cassell Photography is a Port Alberni based brand of Azalea Flowers & Gifts. I specialize in tourism based photography, landscapes, events, promotional, music and sports. Contact me at 778-421-2660 to discuss your photography requirements or how to license or purchase images.

Steam Train