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Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography, just like Fine Art is open to interpretation with many forms and styles. Everyone's tastes vary and mine to do over time. My style is always the same, but it matures, it transforms and it gets tweaked as my interests change. The fine art I present here is also specific to Port Alberni, the Alberni Valley, and its surrounding regions. 


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Cloud Photography

The Amazing Alberni Valley


Cloud photography is just plain fun! The Alberni Valley has it's own weather patterns because of Mt Arrowsmith, the Beaufort Range, the Canal Channel coming in from the Pacific Ocean to the west, and Sproat Lake. I love patterns and one of the best compositional elements is patterns. My objective here is to present a collection of some of the best cloud patterns I have been able to image. From those warm summer evenings to the rain clouds and everything in between you will get a picture of the diversity of weather that the residents of the Alberni Valley are accustomed to.

Sunset Photography


I basically stumbled upon sunset photography while working on my cloud photography. I had always known that the Alberni Valley could marvel you with spectacular sunsets, but it was not until I started chasing clouds that I began to pay attention to the setting sun. The red sky we get to witness in the Valley is a blessing, and it happens a lot. I know that now, and I continue to get images like this almost weekly.

Black & White Photography


Arguably one of the most interesting and romantic styles of photography. Black and white is not as easy as it appears. Not every image can hold the audience and immerse them in a story with black and white.  Black and white photography is satisfying and when I find the right subject to photograph,  I know the visual imagery of B/W could bring out a cinematic appeal or if lucky, simply mesmerize the audience.

Cemetaries Photography


Fog Photography


Low Light and Night Photography


Rain Photography


Landscape Photography


It's mid October, the mornings are brisk,clear skies, and dense fog. The sun is working hard and it will eventually win the battle over the fog. On this day the temperature will reach 20 Celcius. 

I am a fine art photographer based out of Port Alberni on spectacular Vancouver Island. My fine art photography focuses on the Alberni Valley and is a mix of Black and White as well as unique locations not usually photographed and promoted by photographers. I love to promote the valley for tourism and locals who enjoy images. Images can be  licensed, as well as purchased as prints. As a Port Alberni Fne Art Photographer, my objective is to bring awareness to the beautiful natural surroundings of Port Alberni and its outlying regions. I am available for hire as a photographer or consultant. View my Investment page for details.


Fine Art Landscape Photographer Port Alberni. Lyndon Cassell is a recognized fine art landscape photographer based out of Port Alberni,BC. My work can be viewed at my store where I have a large collection of gift cards used for special occasions and events. These fine art landscape cards are a perfect compliment to flower arrangements. 

Various Fine Art Images
A collection of fine art images that don't fit neatly into a specific category

Lyndon Cassell Photography is a Port Alberni based brand of Azalea Flowers & Gifts. I specialize in tourism based photography, landscapes, events, promotional, music and sports. Contact me at 778-421-2660 to discuss your photography requirements or how to license or purchase images.

Lyndon Cassell Photography is a brand of Azalea Flowers & Gifts in Port Alberni, BC, Canada. Product photography is a vital and key component to the success of our flower business. Our website is continually updated with images we take in our store. Located at 4528 Adelaide St., we have our own portrait studio, complete with photographic printing capabilities. The portrait studio is where we take most of our product images. 


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