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The Amazing Alberni Valley

Landscape Photography
Mt. Arrowsmith: Protector of the Alberni Valley

Mt Arrowsmith is one of the iconic landscapes that helps the Alberni Valley boast of it's own weather patterns ....


speaking of which ... 

Sunsets and clouds are two of the types of images I spent a lot of time photographing in Port Alberni during the summer of 2018. One of my favourite locations in the Victoria Quay. This popular area is a must for visiting tourists, and is a main black bear sight seeing destinations in late summer and early autumn.

Fine Art Photography 
Sunsets, Clouds, Fog,  and other weather related images

Clouds over Clutesi Haven Marina: The Alberni Valley's own climate.

Sunset over the Somass River.


A cyclist cruises by the boardwalk at Victoria Quay in the morning fog. 

One thing you can count on in the Alberni Valley, there is no shortage of trails. One of the many popular locations is the Dyke and Estuary at the crossing of River Road and Beaver Creek Road. Just a short distance from where Johnson Street intersects with the beginning of River Road.

With lots of walking and hiking trails, the outdoor adventurer can easily find a farourite for daily use and new ones to explore all year round. When you want a little more to do there is no shortage of events ...

Event Photography 

I have never seen a community anywhere in Canada that can boast of so many events! From the well established events such as the annual "Toy Run", "Thunder In The Valley", "Salmon Festival" and "Fall Fair"; to up and coming events such as the "Five Acre Shaker"; to charity events, markets, sports, and a list longer than I can count, the Alberni Valley keeps this photographer hopping all year round.


There  are a number of annual events that are long standing in the Alberni Valley. There are new ones as well, and some are large and many are smaller. There's much more to see and experience so if you are a traveller or explorer then let's start a list for you of places in the Alberni Valley that are outside the limits of the city of Port Alberni ....

Exploration Photography 

The Alberni Valley is governed by the ACRD (Alberni Clayoquot Regional District). This region consists of Beaver Creek, Cherry Creek, Sproat Lake, and Great Central Lake. The Valley also has an airport which is home to one of the worlds leading aerial fire fighting companies. 

Before you get to the Alberni Valley you will travel past Cameron Lake, through Cathedral Grove, over the "Hump", and finally descent into the Valley. Let's take a tour via images of this trek shall we ...

Cameron Lake. Image and dedicated page coming later.

Over the Hump and entering the Valley. Image and dedicated page coming later.

Cathedral Grove. Page coming later.

Beaver Creek and drive to Stamp Falls Provincial Park. Image and dedicated page coming later.

Checking out Port Alberni, the city

Cherry Creek and drive to McLean Mill. Image and dedicated page coming later.

River Road and drive to Sproat Lake, Great Central Lake, and other exciting goodies. Image and dedicated page coming later.

Going through Port Alberni and driving to Bamfield.  (or taking the Francis Barkley to Bamfield while sightseeing and admiring the Broken Group along the boat tour.)

Wildlife Photography


Flora and Fauna Photography


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